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Transformation Treatment Center is a treatment facility for those seeking help for receives individualized care and gains the tools and support necessary for lifelong recovery.

Transformation Treatment's staff are experienced in addressing the unique issues that men face in addiction and recovery. Gender-specific care promotes a safe, judgement-free environment for our patients who may have a difficult time opening up and bonding with their peers in a mixed-gender facility.

With 30 beds available and staff available to patients 24-hours a day, our facility offers comfortable, homelike accommodations that give peace of mind to men as they embark on their journey to recovery. Patients reside in apartments and receive treatment at our clinical building with staff regularly checking in at the apartments to assist with anything that may arise during meal times or free time throughout the day.

Our staff has special expertise in treating process addictions that may co-occur with substance use, such as gambling, sex, internet, and video game addictions. We also work closely with young men ages 18 to 25 who enter our treatment program and facilitate conversations about the struggles and triggers that are specific to this age group.

Our goal at Transformation Treatment is to help men understand and overcome the issues that triggered their addiction, so they can achieve real, long-term success in recovery.


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We address the physical, emotional and spiritual facets of addiction and mental health, creating the proper stage for lasting recovery and revived happiness.    

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