Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment

Struggling with an Addiction

If you are struggling with addiction, it will be one of the hardest challenges you will ever face. Without drug detox, you’ll find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle where your mind and body craves the source of your addiction until it consumes you. Your career, relationships, and health are at risk of being destroyed. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the cost of substance abuse continues to mount. The figures are devastating:

  • Substance abuse costs the nation approximately $600 billion a year.
  • In 2010, over 3,000 adults died due to an overdose of prescription drugs.
  • As of 2011, over 22 million teens over age 12 abused illicit drugs.

How Much has Addiction Cost You?

Are you willing to pay with your life?

The only way out is to get help. This is not a battle that you should face alone. Once you admit that there is a problem, detoxification is the next step on the road to recovery. From that point, inpatient rehabilitation has the highest rate of success in breaking the chains of substance abuse.

What is Detox?

Detox is the initial stage in treating addiction. You may find it necessary to go to a facility that strictly deals with the detoxification process or your rehab program may be comprehensive, including a detox stage of treatment that will be followed by counseling on an inpatient basis. The first order of business is to separate yourself from temptation, trigger factors, and access to drugs. When you enter detox, you will be removed from the outside world while you deal with the first phase of treatment.

During detox, your body will go through withdrawal symptoms as you are cut off from drugs or alcohol. As the toxins leave your body, you are likely to suffer pain and discomfort during this challenging time. Most individuals who attempt detox on their own will fail because they can’t withstand the discomfort or the cravings that force them back into addiction. You are making the right choice when you seek help at a medical facility that focuses on the detox process and recovery from substance abuse.

Benefits of a Detox Program

When you choose to enter an inpatient detox program, you will find yourself in a safe, comfortable environment. Compassionate, trained professionals will monitor you and assist you in any way possible while your body fights the toxins that have accumulated due to drug abuse. You can expect to deal with symptoms such as pain, nausea, chills, sweating profusely, and tremors. Staff members will make sure you are well cared for, provided with nourishment, and supervision to ease your suffering. Rest assured that someone will be at your side, riding out the storm with you until the worst has passed. You will not be alone.

Making Drug Detox a Success

Detox can only be successful when it is followed by intensive treatment to get at the root of the problem. Inpatient rehab programs are the best route to take, allowing you to make yourself the top priority. Until you have your life in order, you will not be good for anyone else. When you opt for a residential program, you can focus entirely on your recovery. You will live in a structured environment, engage in therapy sessions, and be provided with food and exercise to help you reclaim your life. Roughly 80% of individuals who enter detox programs, followed by rehab, will be freed from addiction.

Be a success story and choose the path to a brighter future. Detox is the place to start.

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